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About Cosmic Gaia Podcast


About Podcast

This is a monthly subscription for $15 and with that comes access to the podcasts, Newsletters and Astrology sessions.   

I will be doing interviews with all kinds of people, particularly with an emphasis on different healing tools, technologies and modalities  that can assist us in these times.   I will also be sharing information from my research and presentations.

The Newsletter will have content that is about latest Astrology reports and other info about Ascension, Timelines, Disclosure and will share about my travels and any interesting info I discover. 

I have been a public speaker for about 10 years and I know it is difficult for people to make it to events or get access to the lectures and workshops, so this will expose you to much more of the material I present along with exposing people who I have met along the way, who I feel have valuable info.   

I can work with your Astrological Chart and keep your info in my data base and I can also do Mother Peace and Galactic Heritage Tarot readings too.  

 There is an option to book a 15 minute call that comes with the Subscription and it is based on availability.  I can't do more than one a month per person, unless there is an additional donation.   MP3 recordings are a quick and easy way to get something to you in a more timely way.

I also do discounts for half hour sessions.   If you find that the calendar is full and there is something urgent or pressing, email and I will get you in sooner.  

 We can discuss longer readings and potential packages too and there is an option on the Bookings page for scheduling a meeting about that. 

The call in show has been replaced with doing one on one 15 minute calls.