I am featuring this brilliant and profound Artist because everything I wish to share with the World about the Goddess, is expressed through the Art of this man.  If you view the galleries below, you will see how he transformed his home into the living Myth of Creation!  



Leigh J. McCloskey

In many ways Leigh J. McCloskey is a modern Renaissance Man. His interest, knowledge, study and learning ranges from art, music, history, religion, mythology, philo-Sophia and esotericism to string theory, quantum physics and the multidimensional nature of consciousness. He has deeply studied Hermeticism, Alchemy and Kabbalah and has hosted twice weekly philosophical salons at his home, Olandar, for over thirty years. He has written, illustrated and published six books. 

He lectures both nationally and internationally and has given numerous talks and presentations of his holographic art and visual philosophy. Leigh has contributed numerous essays on topics ranging from William Blake and the Heroic Imagination, the Archetypal Tarot & the Kabbalah, to Jacob Boehme and Theosophical Thought. Leigh’s art work toured with the ROLLING STONES and most recently with FLYING LOTUS for his album, Cosmogramma. He also continues to collaborate with other artists - film makers- musicians as well.

Leigh is also an accomplished actor whose professional career has spanned four decades. His life and works reveal remarkable artistry, vision and discipline and are a reminder that we are far more interesting than we have lead ourselves to believe. He founded Olandar Foundation for Emerging Renaissance (OFFER) as a seed idea meant to awaken our deepest knowing and to stimulate the emerging waters of imaginative renaissance & rebirth. Welcome Home.


Sacred Union ~ Leigh J. McCloskey and Carla McCloskey

Not only is Leigh's Art mind-blowing and Soul shifting, it activates us.  It gives us a true awareness that helps us to more deeply connect with and understand the Goddess, Christ Consciousness, Creation and this Earth. Leigh also has a truly inspiring Sacred Union relationship with his Goddess wife Carla.  I am so grateful I got to know them and spend time in their home.   

Flying Lotus - Inside the Codex: The Art of Cosmogramma

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