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About Cosmic Gaia Podcast


About Podcast

I will be doing a video twice a week and more than likely more than that.  It will be based on a monthly subscription for $15 and with that comes access to the podcasts and also the opportunity to call in on a Blog talk radio show (more details below)  You can get assistance and guidance using your Astrological Chart and I can also do Mother Peace and Galactic Heritage Tarot readings too.   There is also the option to book a 15 minute call based on availability.

I will be sharing information from my research and presentations and also Astro reports here and there.  I have been a public speaker for about 10 years and I know it is difficult for people to make it to events or get access to the lectures and workshops, so this will expose you to much more of the material I present.

I will also cover all sorts of topics relating to DNA activation, Ascension, Alchemy,  Galactic Zodiac and Charkras, Earth grids, Silicate Matrix, Galactic History,  current events, Timelines, and topics such as Satanic Ritual Abuse, Mind-control and the take down of the Cabal.   

Mostly this will be about empowerment, awareness and what is available to us on a Cosmic and Earthly level, so that we can advance ourselves and upgrade.  I will also have products available for purchase at discounted rates that aide in DNA activation and amazing products to bring about health and well-being.  

Archives of Call in Show -

Blog Talk Show (June 8th)


Astrology call in show -- Intro about Saturn-Moon Matrix. 

Blog Talk show (June 15th)


Astrology Call in show -- some info about outer planets

Blog Talk show - (June 20th)


Astrology Call-in show.  What is Ascension, Solar activity, Stellar Activation Cycle. 

Blog Talk Show (June 29th)


Astrology call in show -- Eclipses

Solar Eclipse on July 2nd in Cancer and Partial Lunar Eclipse July 16th and 17th in Capricorn.

Blog talk show for Subscribers only

Blog Talk Radio


Click pic to check out page -- to get the private shows and be able to call-in, please subscribe first.  The private shows will be sent via Newsletters.  

Show Description


Exploring Astrology, DNA upgrades, Soul-Alchemy and Ascension ~ Restoring the Balance of Humanity and Nature ~ Join my radio show and call in to receive Soul Astrology or Tarot readings (Mother Peace or Galactic Heritage).   I will also answer questions about a wide range of topics in metaphysics, Disclosure, esoteric cosmology, and nutrition.  Also: global alchemy, divine feminine/masculine, archetypes, ET races, Mars & Alternative 4, multi-dimensional awareness, timelines, hidden agendas, exopolitics, Venus Transits, Stargates, Earth grids, DNA, Harmonic Universes, dark technologies, Sacred geometry, herbs, supplements and more.

Upcoming Show Time


Next show will be July 6th at 5pm mountain time